Perfect Picture School of Photography

My current course is “Nature and Landscape Photography”

How does it work?

Four lessons, four assignments, four critiques over four weeks.  I sound like Dr. Seuss.

You can shoot when you want, what you want.

You can read the lessons when you can, working around your schedule.

I haven’t incorporated any videos or web conferencing to my online courses yet, but I imagine that’s not far away.  I’d like to add one video for each lesson and schedule one time a week to get online and meet everyone face-to-face, answering questions, etc.  But that’s tough with students in different time zones, as well as a cost factor that hasn’t been included in.

About the author

I'm a 23-year commercial photographer, author (The Complete Guide to Nature Photography, The BetterPhoto Guide to Exposure, as well as numerous articles), photo expert, industry personality, and all around nice dude based in the San Francisco Bay Area of California.