Photographic services | Photos shoots | assignments:

Sean is a true professional with a great photographic eye. You can’t go wrong using him for any of your photography needs.

He immediately contacted me to work out a plan for our photo shoot. He is a great listener and took copious notes so that he fully understood what I was looking for with photographer services. He also interjected his professional opinion when asked, which was a big help because I was relying on his significant expertise.

On the day of the shoot, he arrived promptly, set up his equipment and proceeded to execute on every shot on my shot list. Sean was able to shoot both indoor studio shot for my barbecue grill but also outdoor “glamour” shots that had a high degree of commercial appeal.

Sean will travel to you, be forth coming about his services, and is very reasonably priced given his decades of experience in photography. Cannot recommend him highly enough. – Gabriel Garcia @ Gaucho Garcia

Live lectures and workshops:

Sean was the best – a real instructor! One of the best courses I’ve taken here at Point Reyes!!

Sean has put together a great class in Exposure A to Z.  Bolstered by copious class notes and fantastic images, Sean leads his students through the basic techniques involved in getting great exposures. Besides knowing his subject inside-out, Sean has a wonderful way of putting everyone at ease no matter what their skill level. His critiques are timely, relevant and thorough. Add to this his great sense of humor, I have to highly recommend this class. Bravo, Sean! – Linda Kamholz

Sean’s work is beautiful – he has a great way of breaking things down so they’re clear and understandable

What I liked most about this course was Sean’s energy, enthusiasm, and expertise! Another Ansel Adams & Galen Rowell!

I loved Sean’s perspective, passion, and philosophy on photography.He gives a new angle on looking at the art.

SeanI received a call from one of your participants who asked we move her evaluation of the class from “very good” to “excellent.”   She was driving home and reflecting on the weekend and had to call to give us her personal input about how great the class was and how well you work will all levels of photographers. Especially impressive to her was your ability to teach the professional photographers in the class. Thank you a million times over for your remarkable teaching ability and your extraordinary ability to stay positive and work under challenging conditions! – Christine Fontaine/ Director – Pt Reyes Field Seminars

Online workshops: 

I appreciate your way to analyze our shots deeper, better than some other instructors do.  When I read your critique, I feel like you notice all the steps which I did, or did not, when I took that shot.  That is what does those who have professional skill. – Rikhard Metsala

I can’t tell you how much I have enjoyed your course! This was, as you could no doubt tell,my first foray into using the controls for aperture and shutter speed. I thought the assignments were right on target and you have a wonderful way of critiquing AND encouraging us all to have fun.   My only regret is that this course is over.  Thanks for making my first online course a positive experience . I’m telling all my friends! – Laura Heid

Your (online) course was phenomenal.  I would love to find another course or workshop with you.  You have a skill for teaching and making this fun.  You found a nice balance in technical details and practical use for us beginning shutterbugs. If you have recommendations or are teaching workshop in the Rockies  I would certainly make an attempt to attend. 

Sean – you are the king of 1) building community and making people feel comfortable to learn and try new things and 2) the absolute king of real (not patronizing) and detailed feedback. Add that to being able to explain things clearly and I would say you have to feel pretty good about your teaching! Thanks for a great four weeks – it went by too quickly – so much to learn and practice. – Susan Byrne

Sean, I wanted you to know how much I’ve appreciated the very detailed critiques you’ve provided. You gave us specific changes to make to improve each of our images. And while you’ve been very supportive, I actually am glad you didn’t (go overboard) – in past courses I’ve found myself so yearning to have one of my pictures called a “Perfect Picture” I hadn’t experimented enough, hadn’t taken enough chances that would help me grow and learn. No matter how good one of our images was, you always had helpful suggestions for doing it differently, if not better. That was quite helpful. – Janice Edens