My Hoodman gear

Just tweeted about some Hoodman gear I picked up last weeText Colork. One of the reasons for doing my tv show is to talk about a mix of photo gear, and one of the reasons for my blogs (and tweets) is to mention the products I use and believe in- I like finding great gear, and my simple test is if I use it for years then I know it’s good.

Love Hoodman. I first picked up their loupe a few years back for my Nikon D200 and on every workshop I did, my students realized they were missing out – to review your LCD screen without any outdoor light was just fantastic- and besides that, the product is well made, tough, durable, and sharp.

I also use their UDMA RAW memory cards (fast speed memory cards), Right-angle viewfinder (great for macro work), eye cups (great to shoot with, to block out side light when you’re looking through your viewfinder, and LCD Safe Cleaners.

I recently picked up their new loupe (the Hoodman 3.0 Glare Free LCD Viewing Loupe – Model H-LPP3) last week – used it on assignment and I dig it! Covers the whole 3″ LCD screen, sharp as can be blocking out 99% of the light, allowing me to review my images fast without the influence of the ambient light. I also grabbed a MacBook Laptop hood (I should be using on photo shoots, with and without clients, on my MacBook Pro, allowing us both the ability to see the screen better in bright light), and a few LCD screen cleaners.

Anyway, that’s my gear of the week- and no, they don’t pay me to say this (at least not yet!). Check ’em out- solidly-made gear, quality, at a decent price, made by good people: http://hoodmanusa.com/