iPhone 3G (the G stands for gouged and gashed)

I love my iPhone– had the first one, and now own a 3G.

I’ve used it to the nth degree- have thousands of photos on it (in a mix of albums), tons of music (love my tunes), have many apps as well- one that controls my computer like a remote, another that tells me when the moon will rise, or one app that gives me low tide times. I love Google maps (use it for my business and travels ALL the time), have some fun photo apps (PS Mobile, Gorlliacam), and have over 1000 contacts and my daily schedule- amazing device.

So when I saw my brother’s iPhone, I figured it was trashed. Just looking at it, I assumed it wasn’t working- smashed, gouged and bashed from a series of falls). Then he dropped it again….this time actually taking a chunk of glass out of it (see bottom right). I think his 3G stands of three times gashed.

When I showed it to Apple (send them an email with a photo of it), they recommended not using it since the glass my cut him- but he doesn’t care, and he still uses it- AND yes, he’s cut his thumb while sliding it on the screen.

But guess what? It still works. In fact the last time he dropped it, the main button stopped working – then self-healed itself a week later and works perfectly fine. Too funny.

And yes, the camera on it still works too. By the way, it looks worse in person (I shot these photos with my iPhone cam).

So the next time someone tells you the iPhone is fragile, or how they don’t like typing using the keyboard on the screen, tell ’em my brother uses this one just fine. Take that Blackberry. 🙂