Through the Looking Glass…

I recently read this comment online and thought it was hilarious – “As someone who is new to photography, I am amazed at the spectrum of photos todays cameras and software are able to produce”.
This thought from a newbie to photography pushes me to confess something I’ve never told anyone- that’s right, I didn’t take all my photos I sell, share, and teach with – my camera did. That’s right- in fact, with the advent of digital photography, cameras now take all the photos. 🙂
Of course I’m being facetious but it does bring up a good point that so many people feel the improvements in digital technology has made it easier to take better photos. To me, it’s made it easier to make millions feel they could take better photos- for the most part, there’s just millions of more images out there being shared- not necessarily good, sometimes not bad, and on rare occasion amazing.

Since the day the first photos were being taken, painters were criticizing these image-makers as non-artists, doing something they couldn’t do on a canvas.
Unfortunately in this day and age of Photoshop and DSLRs, so many assume these new tools are making photography easier. And as much as I love Photoshop and DSLRs, they simple aren’t.
It’s funny- people throw all kinds of words at your images- “you do some great photoshop work”, “what filter did you use on that” – but most of the time (if not all the time) capturing a great image is a combination of a lot of things including hard work.